Our clients are never on the menu and they do more than just sit at the table. It’s our job to ensure our clients set the table, and the agenda, when it comes to their important issues.
— Joe Mapes, President

What does it mean to say, "If you're not at the table, you're on the menu?"

The Mapes team experience in governmental relations and business development consulting shows that being at the table means participation.  It means participation in the governmental, political and legislative processes at every level, participation in business negotiations, and participation on a personal level.  It's what Mapes & Mapes has been doing since it was founded in 1950.

The Mapes team knows that those who do not participate have their issues devoured in the hallways, committee rooms, rotunda, and both the House and Senate chambers. 

Let the Mapes diverse team of governmental relations and business professionals, show you how to get a seat at the table, set the table, the menu, and the agenda.


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